About us

Nancy Eddy

Lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Nancy Eddy was born in Virginia, went to Cottey College, and now lives in Baltimore with her partner and their cat, Princess Fairy Charms, who is far more butch than her name suggests.

Mara Levi

Lead vocals, bass, backing vocals, keyboard, beat boxing
Mara began her career as a cat lady in 1983 and she has been steadily adding to her repertoire since that time.  Though she now lives with 2 cats and 1 dog (and her partner!), Mara’s heart is home to many feline friends.  She also plays music a lot for her day job, but that is really just a way to facilitate her cat ladiness.


Liz DeRoche

Lead vocals, drums, backing vocals, keyboard, beat boxing
Liz DeRoche is from outer space, where she learned mechanical engineering and studied sufism.  She now lives in Washington D.C. with her partner and their dog, Munchkin (who is also from outer space, which is why she will live forever)!