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                                          What kind of special equipment belonging to hoist

                                          Job type electric hoist and safety performance has a very close relationship. Electric hoist capacity , span , lifting hoist the same height , if different types of work in the design and manufacture , the safety factor is not taken the same , that is, parts model, size , specifications vary.

                                          Xin Yi Ying lifting machinery in addition to providing electric hoists, chain hoists molding products, but also can be designed all kinds of special lifting machinery , non-standard lifting machinery , special lifting machinery according to customer demand , with a capacity from 0.5t ~ 400t class , and other products .

                                          There is a special lifting equipment classified as "special " , so-called special hoist is to accomplish a specific task and the development of dedicated electric hoist , working with special needs for customized electric hoist.

                                          According busy work load and degree of change in the degree of electric hoist , hoist the type of work usually divided into : light , intermediate , heavy and extra heavy duty grade four levels . If the light level job type electric hoist heavy duty type used in place of electric hoist will often fail , affecting safety in production. Therefore, security checks , pay attention to the type of work must be consistent with the hoist working conditions . By the carrying capacity of the electric hoist structure , boom hoist capacity and overall stability against overturning envelope three curves . Job type electric hoist and electric hoist capacity are two different concepts, electric hoist capacity, not necessarily weight class , a small amount of electric hoist , not necessarily light level .

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