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                                          Pneumatic hoist installation should pay attention to what matters

                                          1, a gas aspirated need some safety net.

                                          2, the plenum pressure adjustment 0.4mpa more.

                                          3 must be washed with a gas feed pipe before installing it, the garbage washed clean.

                                          4, when installed out of fuel in the range of more than 5 drops / min, where more than a pneumatic hoist will hang drip.

                                          5, the air supply pipe is 1.5 times the length of the stroke. Do not hanging trachea, into a circle-like fixation. Generally about 1m in diameter.

                                          6, in the pneumatic hoist inlet oil display device must be installed, if not, then placed pneumatic hoist damaged.

                                          First fieldwork using pneumatic hoist is installed when you install the site, determine the installation process re-read the installation manual, but people tend to ignore when you install the operating those considerations, the above is the Installation Precautions

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