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                                          How can we achieve hoist frequency control

                                          Mainly through the MCU as the master, which has a frequency generator module and high processing power. Therefore, this system is suitable for small, embedded inverter system. Inverter motor can drive the necessary evaluation board, this board can directly drive 1500W following three-phase asynchronous motors. Mainly applied in electric chain hoist three-phase AC induction motors and DC motors and other types of motors.

                                          Hoist inverter is mainly through AC induction motor vector control inverter system to achieve.

                                          Electric chain hoist with torque loop speed, closed-loop flux vector control method for electric chain hoist drive motor speed, this can VVVF electric chain hoist to meet the performance characteristics to meet the users' electric chain hoist has a good performance, improved performance and efficiency, greatly reducing the risk of accidents and the operation occurred.

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